Welcome! I’m Lesley. Detroit native and founder of The DABB Project.

(That’s me!)

I first started thinking about the project a few years ago, and shortly after started compiling a list of black-owned businesses I knew into a Google Spreadsheet. I drew from businesses frequented by myself and friends, as well as the many social media groups and pages aimed at supporting and uplifting Black businesses here in the city.

After not making much progress, I shared the Google Spreadsheet on Facebook, and opened it to the public to edit. I didn’t expect much to come from it, but the list ended up being shared widely. The initial list of about 80 businesses quickly doubled, and now sits at about 220 businesses…and it’s still growing! You can check it out here.

My hope for this project is that it be a tool that not only supports our businesses, but that also supports our community. More than just a directory, it should be seen as a tool that helps customers find the spaces that are welcoming, friendly, and for us. A tool that also assists businesses by receiving valuable feedback rooted in seeing the growth and expansion of the businesses that best serve us.

The site is new and we are still working out all the bugs, but I hope you’ll continue to check us out and to help us build. None of this would be possible without all of the Detroiters who have informed and assisted with this project. Thank you.


[email protected]

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